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  • Swansea & South Wales: 01792 652620
  • Pembrokeshire: 01437 807790
  • 24hr Emergency: 03003 032093

Soundproofing, sound insulation and sound reduction advice

Our soundproofing and acoustic insulation services offer homeowners and business owners in Swansea and across South Wales an affordable sound insulation solution from common problems such as domestic noise pollution and noisy neighbours, to noise issues in commercial areas.

Domestic Noise Problems

Without adequate acoustic insulation or soundproofing many people have their privacy constantly invaded by noisy neighbours. This noise problem can occur in any type of attached house, but experience has shown us that the most common sources are:

  • In flats converted from large houses where no attempt has been made to provide soundproofing. (As an area with a large student population it has been popular to convert large homes into flats).
  • Where the sound or acoustic insulation in their building is generally poor.

People are bothered by the noise created by their neighbours for a number of reasons, but the two most common reasons are

  • They are unusually sensitive to noise and find noise generally irritating.
  • Their neighbour behaves unreasonably and generates unreasonable noise levels.

Business Noise Issues & Sound Proofing Solutions

Noise issues may be compromising your business with staff and customers or clients finding it difficult to communicate effectively and may even have a negative impact on revenue. Common causes can be:

  • Business location.
  • Shared premises with other businesses.
  • Materials used in the construction of your business unit.
  • Loud commercial neighbours.

The good news is that the majority of noise root causes can be remedied cost effectively and have a positive impact on your business.

Charles Perrett Maintenance – Sound Proofing Experts

We provide expert advice on domestic and commercial sound proofing issues with the sole aim of making your home or business a more peaceful place to live or work. Soundproofing your home or business can be much cheaper than you think. Whilst in domestic situations or perhaps office situations many people hear noises such as raised voices and occasional loud music, it should be unusual for you to be able to hear sound from a television or that of a conversation in an office n the next building. If these sounds often invade your privacy then soundproofing is likely to offer a significant improvement to the quality of life in your home or your business by reducing the amount of noise pollution you suffer. Soundproofing can include:

  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Wall soundproofing.
  • Ceiling soundproofing.
  • Floor soundproofing.

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