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  • Swansea & South Wales: 01792 652620
  • Pembrokeshire: 01437 807790
  • 24hr Emergency: 03003 032093

Damp proofing, wet and dry rot treatment

Damp Treatment Specialists – Swansea and south Wales

Charles Perrett Maintenance have a team of damp treatment specialists. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, the root cause can be addressed and any structural damage repaired.

If you ignore damp it often gives rise to mould – and this can affect your health with respiratory and immune systems. Damp will not go away if left untreated – it always becomes more severe and will eventually cause damage to the structure of your property and lower it’s value.

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Signs of damp in your home

The wet weather in Swansea and south Wales is perfect for damp! Whilst there are many causes of damp problems the three main issues it causes are:

  • Condensation – poor ventilation resulting in beaded condensation on your windows and you may also notice black mold and rotten window frames.
  • Penetrating damp – a visible patch on an interior wall of your property meaning that water is coming in through the walls.

Rising damp – the ascent of moisture within the walls of your home.

Wet Rot

Wet rot is a term used to describe many types of fungal species that can be found on timbers in your home where moisture and dampness linger. Over a long period of time causing significant structural damage to your home. Fortunately wet rot can be spotted early and the treatment is simple. Once we have identified and removed sources of excess moisture from the area we then identify the timber that has been affected and replace it with specially treated wood. We then aim to provide a dry environment and excellent ventilation to that area of your home.

Dry Rot

Dry rot can cause widespread structural damage to you home and a professional timber treatment company should be called in to carry out a survey if dry rot is suspected. If you suspect your home may have dry rot contact our team via [email protected]  and we will be happy to arrange for one of our engineers to contact you.

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