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The UK’s postcodes with the highest burglary rates were published this week and there were no surprises, with London boroughs once again dominating the list. But this got us thinking about how secure our client’s properties are and more so, are they secure enough to cover the requirements of their insurance policies.

From the stand point of personal safety, making your home as secure and protected as possible is obviously important, but if it isn’t up to scratch it could also cost you a lot of money at a time when you need it most.

Property insurance providers expect you to provide a certain level of security – what this level is will depend on varying factors such as local burglary rates, who the provider is and the type of cover.

If you don’t meet the security standard of your policy, such as the types of locks on your doors and windows, or even if they are poorly maintained, you run the risk of your insurer rejecting any claims you make.

Going above and beyond the insurer’s idea of basic security can also act favourably for you. High-quality locks and systems can often result in lower premiums. Therefore, you can save money and create a safer environment.

Just remember when it comes to insurance, honesty is the best policy.  Any exaggeration or dis-honesty when setting up your policy in regards to your current property’s security could result in your insurer refusing to reimburse you for any damages or losses.

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